Friday, November 6, 2009

Woodberry Kitchen

Chef Spike Gjerde working at the oven

St. Brigid’s Farm veal is on the menu of another cool restaurant. Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore began offering our veal in September and it has been a huge success. Woodberry Kitchen is located in an old wool mill and has retained a rustic d├ęcor with brick walls and tall ceilings. The open kitchen features, Chef Spike Gjerde and a wood burning brick oven where he creates an eclectic array of flat breads.

Dining room view from the loft

Our friends Walter and Marjorie joined us there last Saturday for dinner. We were disappointed that our veal would not be on the menu until Sunday but there were so many interesting options we didn’t fret for long. For starters, we ordered a blue cheese and apple flat bread with mustard seed sauce. The crust is amazingly light and flakey and the mustard seeds provided surprising tang. The heirloom pumpkin soup was to die for as was the oyster stew. Yummy.
We were surprised when our very professional server arrived at our table after we had eaten the flat bread with a butcher’s plate. Chef Gjerde had made us a special plate that included St. Brigid’s Farm veal weiss wurst or white sausage. The wursts were light and juicy with a touch of citrus. Delicious. Other menu selections included monkfish with squash filled ravioli, paella, braised shortribs and lamb chops. Everything was simply excellent.
The restaurant was packed. The crowd was a mix of locals and those of us from out of town as well as young and older. There are over 130 seats which they turn an amazing three times an evening. The last seating is at 11:00 pm. Brunch is offered Sundays.
Woodbury Kitchen was named one of the Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America in September’s
bon appetit . We are very excited to be part of this impressive eating establishment.