Thursday, February 2, 2012

St. Brigid's Day - February 1st

Today as we celebrate the feast of St. Brigid, we reflect on her compassion and love for dairy cows.  In a world full of sound bites and superficial arguments, the thought of St. Brigid, her kindness  and dedication to the dignity of manual work among animals in the dairy and respect for the rural  land gives us pause and a chance to ponder what is truly important. 

To learn more about St. Brigid's Day read below.

February 1st
St. Brigid’s Day

St. Brigid
- was born in A.D. 451 or 452 to a pagan father and a Christian slave mother.  Her impoverished, enslaved mother did her best to raise her well, and a white red-eared cow is said to have provided all the food St. Brigid needed to grow, indicating that she was special indeed as white red-eared cows are rare in IrelandWhile still a child she was put in charge of the dairy by her mother. One day she had given away so much milk and butter to poor people that none remained for the family. She feared her mother's displeasure and so resorted to prayer. When her mother visited the dairy she found such an abundance of milk and butter that she praised the dairy maids for their industry.  Today she remains the patron saint of dairy maids and is the patroness of Ireland.