Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grass-fed vs Supermarket Steaks

In a recent Wall Street Journal article by Peter King, the cranky consumer, grass-fed beef purchased on line from five different ranches was compared with supermarket steaks. New York strip steaks and either fillet mignon or a ribeye steak were grilled at a backyard barbecue. The best steak was a grass-fed, dry aged fillet. No surprise there. Runner up was a dry aged, grass-fed ribeye steak. All tasters agreed that all the grass-fed beef tasted fresher (it was all frozen) and less greasy than supermarket beef. We certainly agree!!

And, it seems like the patrons and chef at Brooks Tavern agree too. Last Friday evening we went to town for our weekend outing and special on the menu was prime rib. Judy ordered one (and shared of course) and it was delicious indeed. Bill & Claire Kirk were seated at a nearby table and they too enjoyed one of the prime ribs. See the Brooks Tavern blog for more pictures and stories or if these pictures have your mouth watering for a steak on the grill give us a call at 410-648-5753.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Several times each year, Fair Hill Inn offers a nose to tail dinner featuring unusual and multiple cuts from an animal. On Saturday Fair Hill Inn presented a St. Brigid’s Farm Meadow Veal dinner. We were invited guests and had an amazing meal. Chef Brian Shaw was manning the kitchen solo as Chef Phil Pyle, Jr. was away on a family trip in Ireland. The six course dinner began with pastrami tongue with a delicious sauce gribache served on a mini crostini. The second course was bacon wrapped veal terrine, pickled broccoli and mead and mustard sauce. Heavenly. We sat with Cynthia who provided the mead. Thinking the terrine was going to be the best course, we were surprised when we tasted the calf’s liver sausage with sautéed cabbage and caraway, smoked orange and onion marmalade. The sausage was made on the premise and was juicy and full of flavor. The cabbage was perfect. Next up were veal tenderloin medallions, English peas, truffled whipped potatoes and demi-glace. The medallions melted in your mouth, the peas were wonderful and the potatoes were much better than Grandma’s! The last course, braised neck and heart veal ragu with buck wheat pasta, was light but full of flavor. All courses were paired with wonderful wines. Dessert was a decadent flourless chocolate cake with lavender mousse, raspberries and caramel sauce. A magnificent ending to a fantastic meal. We are honored to have the Fair Hill Inn purchase and serve our meadow veal.
Sharon Hernes Silverman writer for The Hunt says,

"Fresh, seasonal foods prepared with impeccable technique, abundant wines, a gracious yet unstuffy atmosphere, and caring service make the Fair Hill Inn a dinner destination that should be on everyone's 'must' list...Fair Hill Inn is a gem that may become as esteemed as the Napa Valley’s French Laundry. Eat there and you will be filled, not only with exquisite food but with glee."