Sunday, October 31, 2010

Small Town, Small World

Small Town: Yesterday we were working on a project outside. We waved to our neighbor Dutch Langenfelder when he drove by in his grain truck. A minute later, Pat Langenfelder called me on my cell phone to let us know that Dutch had noticed one of our veal calves was out. We promptly put him back where he belonged and repaired his escape route.

When I went in the house a few minutes later, the land line phone was ringing. Liz Gordy was calling to see if the calf was back in the field. Now, I do not know Liz Gordy!! She couldn’t find our phone number, so she had called Barbara Silcox at Brooks Tavern to get our number. As we chatted, I learned that Liz has been stopping along the road to show her granddaughter our cows for at least five years. I invited them both to have a VIP tour during her granddaughter’s next visit to their home in Kentmore Park.

Small World: I read the Brooks Tavern blog as I was copying the site address for the hyperlink and was surprised to see that Liz Gordy and her husband are featured in the post just before the one of Chef McKinney’s bleeding finger.

Liz, thanks for following up on the AWOL calf!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Field to Fork Dinner

Chef Dave Perry, Casual Caterers
Chapel Creamery Cheese & Lockbriar Apples

Fresh Riccotta Cheese & Tomatoes

Flat Iron Steak Florentine w/ vegatables

Farmer Guests are acknowledged

Chef John Keller shares his vision for the KCHS Culinary Arts Program

Thank You!