Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Field to Fork Dinner

The terrific photographs taken by Linda Farwell of our 8th Field to Fork Dinner depict the wonderful evening far better than any words can describe.   She captured the weeks of preparation and the magic that pulls it all together in the amazing shot of the long table with the overhead lights and the cloudy night sky.

 The pictures of the absolutely delicious veal ragout and decadent chocolate dessert are so clear, you can practically taste them.  Linda also captured the joy and sense of community that results from good conversation and sharing a meal.
We are pleased to announce that the dinner raised $4770 for the Kennedyville Volunteer Fire Company and appreciate the efforts of Bunk, Sue and Michelle Miller to have the fire truck at the dinner for all to see up close.
Thanks to all of our guests who made the dinner a success by relaxing, touring the farm and meeting someone new.  Thanks to Chef Amy Daniels and the staff of Palate Pleasers for creating such a fabulous menu and to Dovetail (Pres Harding and Jodie Littleton) for once again providing the perfect background music.  And thanks to all the farmers and local businesses who provided the produce, bread, cheese, wine and craft beers that make our Field to Fork Dinner so special.

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